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in Ravello

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Ravello Cathedral
Church in Ravello

Ravello’s cathedral, or ‘Duomo di Ravello’, is the village’s most striking Catholic wedding venue.

The cathedral, which overlooks the main village square, was built in 1806 and is dedicated to the patron saint of Ravello and Venice, San Pantaleone.

Inside, the cathedral has a nave and two aisles and is very elegantly decorated with beautiful pieces of fine art and statuary. The church was originally bequeathed to the town by the 13th Century local nobleman, Niccolo Rufolo.

The magnificent marble pulpit, which dominates the interior of the church, was created by the great sculptor Bartolomeo.

The Duomo can be booked to celebrate Catholic weddings on any day of the week - including Saturdays and Sundays – and can host wedding groups of up to 200 people.



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Santa Maria a Gradillo
Church in Ravello

This very old and beautiful church, built in the 12th Century, is an absolute treasure! Reached via the charming and characteristic Via Roma, from Ravello’s main square, it has a nave and two aisles and features impressive carved columns and supporting rounded arches.

The church also features an occasional glass panel overlaying the original 12th Century floor.

The warmth and intimacy offered by this church makes it the ideal venue for smaller wedding groups of up to 70 people.


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San Francesco
Church in Ravello

This attractive Baroque church was built by Saint Francis of Assisi – after whom it is named - in 1222. It was later rebuilt, during the 18th Century. It is the perfect location for a private wedding ceremony and can hosts groups of up to 100 people.



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