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in Positano

We are your local, onsite Wedding Planners in Positano, the enchanting and chic seaside town that was once just a small fishing village. Positano has a very glamorous, vintage feel. American author John Steinbeck described the town as 'a dream place that isn't quite real', and we believe it may just be the dream location for your Positano Wedding!

The layout of Positano is quite unique…the town has one long, winding, one-way road that curves its way down the mountainside towards the sea and then curves back up again. The air in Positano is perfumed with lemon and orange and the town is full of pretty, pastel-coloured houses that cling to the mountainside and seem almost like stepping stones down to the sparkling blue sea.

Walking through the cobbled streets and alleyways, towards the beach and port, you pass many little shops selling handmade items such pottery, Positano lace and linen clothing and leather shoes and sandals. The atmosphere here is one of colour, fashion and fun.

Positano is a lively location - a vibrant and fashionable town with a beach setting. As your Positano Wedding Coordinators, we can recommend a variety of unique and enchanting venues to play host to your Wedding in Positano.

After your Positano wedding ceremony, you can celebrate your Positano wedding reception in a luxury 5-star hotel, in a delicious sea-view restaurant, in a beautiful botanic garden or in a relaxed family restaurant. Positano offers a selection dream venues for both larger, more formal, wedding parties and smaller, more intimate wedding gatherings.

The chic and trendy beach in the centre of Positano offers a perfect location for wedding photographs...we can also organise a short boat trip along the coast for even more distinctive and romantic photo opportunities and as an unforgettable and unique wedding day experience!

We believe Positano is a unique and enchanting location for a glamorous and extraordinary wedding day.

Catholic Wedding
in Positano

In Italy the Catholic marriage rite is also valid to full legal effect. Therefore, your Catholic wedding ceremony will be valid both in Italy and abroad.

Civil Wedding Ceremony
in Positano

Civil wedding ceremonies in the vibrant seaside town of Amalfi

Protestant Wedding
in Positano

Protestant weddings or other non-Catholic religious wedding ceremonies in Positano can be celebrated by an English-speaking Pastor, in gorgeous flowering gardens, in a charming historical villa, on a beautiful panoramic terrace or in an elegant luxury hotel.

Symbolic Wedding Ceremony
in Positano

A symbolic wedding ceremony, also known as wedding blessing or commitment ceremony, is a beautiful and unique way of expressing your love for your chosen partner in the breathtaking surroundings of your choice.

Symbolic Vows Renewal Ceremony
in Positano

A symbolic vows renewal ceremony is also a wonderfully romantic way to renew your commitment to your partner on a landmark occasion or a significant wedding anniversary or simply to reaffirm your love for the person you married.

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