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Wedding Venues
in Ravello

Charming Hotel
Venue in Ravello [R1]

Charming hotel has a more unusual, ecclesiastical history than any of the village’s other ancient villa hotels, having originally been a Bishop’s residence.

5-Stars Deluxe Hotel
Venue in Ravello [R2]

A perfect example of the "refined essence of Ravello", this small and elegant 5-Star Deluxe hotel is one of the top-listed resort hotels in the world.

Private Villa
Venue in Ravello [R3]

Not so much a hotel as an exclusive private villa offering accommodation to the most discerning guests.

Liberty Style Villa
Venue in Ravello [R4]

This Liberty-style villa sits is just a short distance from the centre of Ravello, along a pretty and characteristic walkway.

Luxury Hotel
Venue in Ravello [R5]

This luxury hotel sits 365m above the sea, perched on a hill, at the highest point in Ravello, overlooking the enchanting Amalfi Coast.

Family-Run Hotel
Venue in Ravello [R6]

This charming, family-run hotel was once a monastery dating back to the 13th Century and still retains part of one of the original cloisters.

Family-Run Villa Hotel
Venue in Ravello [R7]

This pretty venue is a small, family-run villa hotel featuring terraced gardens and balconies and a spacious terrace restaurant.

Pretty Villa Hotel
Venue in Ravello [R8]

Pretty villa hotel sits just a short walk from Ravello’s main square along one of the village’s characteristic cobbled pathways..

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